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Since 1886, there has been a weather-station master at the summit of the mountain. He telegraphs his daily measurements into the valley from where they are transmitted to Rome, Paris, Berlin and Vienna.

During the long winter he is cut off the rest of the world. In the autumn of 1921, after a tragic accident, the lonely station shall be occupied by a married couple for the first time. The unemployed Josef Manser marries over night the pregnant Lena and therefore gets the job. Gregor Kreuzpointer, a former k.u.k. officer, who has experienced the war front in the Dolomite Mountains, feels he has been cheated by Manser. He decides to prove to the world that the post of stationmaster should by rights have been given to him by being the first to ascend the mountain in winter. He conquers the mountain. Once up there, in the closeness of the ice covered station close to the sky, a life and death struggle begins – Because: All three are stuck at the summit and there is only enough food for two of them.



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Swiss-German – OV





Festivals and Awards

– Filmfestival Berlin, competition

– 1. Price Filmfestival Trento

– Quality premium of the Swiss Department of Inner Affairs



Susanne Lothar

Mathias Gnädinger

Peter Simonischek


Susanne Lothar, actress

Born 1960 in Hamburg. Trained to become an actress at the University for Music and Theatre in Hamburg. Engagements among others: German Playhouse Hamburg, Castle Theatre (Burgtheater) Vienna, State Theatre Stuttgart, Schaubühne Berlin und Festival Salzburg.



Amen, Costa-Gavras, 2002

Die Klavierspielerin (The Female Piano Player), Michael Haneke, 2001

Vom Fliegen und Küssen (About Flying and Kissing), Hartmut Schön, 2000, TV

Funny Games, Michael Haneke, 1997

Das Schloss (The Castle), Michael Haneke, 1997, TV

Frauen morden leichter (Women Kill Easier), Torsten Näter, 1997, TV

Engelchen (Little Angel), Helke Misselwitz, 1996

Das tödliche Auge (The Deadly Eye), Detlev Rönfeldt, 1996, TV

Der junge Mussolini (The Young Mussolini), Gianluigi Calderone, 1993, TV

Die zweite Heimat (The Second Home), Edgar Reitz, 1992, TV

Winkelmanns Reisen (Winkelmann’s Travels), Jan Schütte, 1990

Der Berg (The Mountain), Markus Imhoof, 1990

Eisenhans («Iron John»), Tankred Dorst, 1982



Actress of The Year, «Theater heute», 1988

Kainz medal, Vienna

German Film Award, Film Band in Gold, for «Eisenhans», 1983

Boy Gobert Award for Newcomers, Hamburg, Germany, 1981


Mathias Gnädinger, actor

Born 1941 in Ramsen, Switzerland. After an apprenticeship as a typesetter and two years working as such, trained to become an actor at the «Bühnenstudio» (Stage studio) in Zurich. Engagements among others: Theatre at the Newmarket Zurich, Stages of the «Free Hanse City» Bremen, National Theatre Stuttgart, Zurich Playhouse, Schaubühne Berlin.



Spital in Angst (Hospital in Fear), Michael Steiner, 2001, TV

Im Namen der Gerechtigkeit (In The Name of Justice), Stefan Jäger, 2001, TV

Lieber Brad (Dear Brad), Lutz Konermann, 2000, TV

Komiker (The Comic), Markus Imboden, 1999

WerAngstWolf («VerFearWolf»), Clemens Klopfenstein, 2000

Freischütz («Free Shot»), Ildiko Enyedi, 1994

Joe & Marie, Tania Stöcklin, 1994

Tschäss (Jazz), Daniel Helfer, 1994

Der grüne Heinrich («The Green Henry»), Thomas Koerfer, 1994

Justiz (Justice), Hans W. Geissendörfer, 1993

Kinder der Landstrasse (Children of The Land Road), Urs Egger, 1992

Reise der Hoffnung (Journey of Hope), Xavier Koller, 1990

Der Berg (The Mountain), Markus Imhoof, 1990

Bingo, Markus Imboden, 1989

Leo Sonnyboy, Rolf Lyssy, 1988

Gekauftes Glück (Bought Luck), Urs Odermatt, 1988

Du mich auch (You Me Too), Dany Levy, 1985

Der Gemeindepräsident (The Town President), Bernhard Giger, 1983

Das Boot ist voll (The Boat Is Full), Markus Imhoof, 1981

Der Chinese (The Chinese), Kurt Gloor, 1978, TV

Der Galgensteiger (The Climber of The Gallows), Xavier Koller, 1978

Grauzone (Grey Zone), Fredi M. Murer, 1977



Prix Walo for actors, 1996

Hans Reinhart-Ring, 1996

International Comedy Festival, Vevey, Switzerland, Interpretation Award, 1990

Zurich Film Award, Switzerland, 1985


Peter Simonischek, actor

Born 1946 in Graz, Austria. Trained to become an actor at the Academy for Music and Performing Arts in Graz. Several engagements, among others in Germany: National Theatre in Darmstadt, Playhouse in Düsseldorf, Schaubühne Berlin; in Austria: Drama Festival in Salzburg, Castle Theatre (Burgtheater) in Vienna.



Gebürtig (Born), Robert Schindel/Lukas Stepanik, 2001, TV

Liebst du mich (Do You Love Me), Gabriela Zerhan, 2000, TV

Vertrauen ist alles (Trust is Everything), Bero Kürten, 1999, TV

Reise in die Dunkelheit (Trip Into The Dark), Bertold Mittermayr, 1996, TV

Karussell des Todes (Carousel of Death), Peter Keglevic, 1995, TV

Die Grube (The Pit), Karl Fruchtmann, 1995

Tief oben (Deep Up), Willi Hengstler, 1994

Krücke (Crutch), Jörg Grünler, 1992

Der Berg (The Mountain), Markus Imhoof, 1990

Erfolg (Success), Franz Seitz, 1990, TV

Der Achte Tag (The Eighth Day), Reinhard Münster, 1989

Fürchten und Lieben (To Fear and to Love), Margarethe von Trotta, 1988

Die Puppe (The Puppet), Georg Tressler, 1987

Lenz oder die Freiheit (Lenz or Freedom), Dieter Berner, 1985, TV

Herrenjahre (Gentlemen Years), Axel Corti, 1981, TV

Das eine Glück und das Andere (The One Luck and The Other), Axel Corti, 1979, TV



Bernard Lang

Lukas Strebel

Thomas Hürlimann

Nicola Piovani


Bernard Lang, producer

Born 1938 in Winterthur, Switzerland. After studying German he worked as a director and editor for the Swiss Television. 1980 he founded the «Langfilm AG». Since then he has produced more than 30 feature films and documentaries.



La chanson de Marie (Marie’s Song), Jean François Amiguet, 2002

Lieber Brad (Dear Brad), Lutz Konermann, 2000, TV

Leon et Theres (Leon and Theres), Claude Goretta, 2000, TV

Les hirondelles d’hiver (The Winter Swallows), André Chandelle, 1999, TV

Ab ins Paradies (Let’s Go to Paradise), Iva Svarcova, 1997/98

Helden im Tirol (Heroes in Tirol), Nikki List, 1997/98

Augenblicke im Paradies (Moments in Paradise), Richard Dindo, 1996

Che Guevara, Richard Dindo, 1995

Er nannte sich Surava (He Called Himself Surava), Erich Schmid, 1994/95

La colline aux mille enfants (The Hill of The Thousand Children), Jean-Louis Lorenzi, 1994, TV

Probefahrt ins Paradies (Trial Trip to Paradise), Douglas Wolfsperger, 1992

Benny’s Video, Michael Haneke, 1992

De Franzos im Ybrig (The Frenchman in Ybrig), Bernard Lang,1991, TV

Der Berg (The Mountain), Markus Imhoof, 1990

Höhenfeuer (High Fire), Fredi M. Murer, 1985

Akropolis Now, Hans Liechti, 1984

Teddy Bär (Teddy Bear), Rolf Lyssy, 1983

Das gefrorene Herz (The Frozen Heart), Xavier Koller, 1982

El Gamin, Bernard Lang, 1978


Lukas Strebel, cameraman

Born 1951 in Mägenwil, Switzerland. At 16 years old played the main role in Markus Imhoof’s Film «Happy Birthday». Studied photography at the School for Arts and Crafts in Zurich, followed by two years as a Lecturer in Photography at the Bath Academy of Art, England. Between 1978 and 1984 director of several documentaries and short films. Several awards for commercial and industry films. Since 1998 he lives in London.



Case of Evil, Graham Theakston, 2001

Three Guesses, Richard Burridge, 2001

Epsteins Nacht (Epstein’s Night), Urs Egger, 2001

The Bomb maker, Graham Theakston, 2000

Seeing Red, Graham Theakston, 1999

Opern Ball (Opera Ball), Urs Egger, 1998,

Flammen im Paradies (Fire in Paradise), Markus Imhoof, 1997

Die Halbstarken (The Half-Growns), Urs Egger, 1996

Charlies Tante (Charlie’s Aunt), Sönke Wortmann, 1996

Kinder der Landstrasse (Children of The Highroad), Urs Egger, 1992

All Out, Thomas Koerfer, 1990

Der Berg (The Mountain), Markus Imhoof, 1990

Filou, Samir, 1988

Happy Birthday, Markus Imhoof, 1968


Thomas Hürlimann, author

Born 1950 in Zug, Switzerland, convent School in Einsiedeln, Switzerland, Studies in Philosophy at the University of Zurich and the Free University of Berlin. Worked for two years as an assistant director and stage producer at the Schiller Theatre in Berlin. Has lived back in Switzerland since 1985.



Fräulein Stark (Ms. Strong), novella, 2001

Der grosse Kater (The Big Tomcat), novel, 1998

Das Holztheater (The Wood Theatre), speeches and stories, 1997

Die Satellitenstadt (The Satellite Town), stories, 1992

Das Gartenhaus (The Garden House), novella, 1989

Die Tessinerin (The Woman from the Canton of Ticino), stories, 1981



Synchron (Synchronous), Zurich Playhouse, 2002

Das Einsiedler Welttheater (The World Theatre of Einsiedeln), world première in Einsiedeln, Switzerland, 2000

Carleton, Theatre at the Newmarket, Zurich, 1996

Güdelmäntig («Güdel» Monday), comedy, Rossstallhof des Klosters Einsiedeln, 1993

De Franzos im Ybrig (The Frenchman in Ybrig), comedy, Rossstallhof des Klosters Einsiedeln, Switzerland, 1991

Der Gesandte (The Minister Resident), Zurich Playhouse, 1991

Lymbacher, play after Meinrad Inglin, Zurich Playhouse, 1990

Der letzte Gast (The Last Guest), comedy, Zurich Playhouse,

Stichtag (Deadline), Playhouse Düsseldorf und National Theatre Stuttgart, 1984

Grossvater und Halbbruder (Grandfather and Half Brother), Zurich Playhouse, 1981



Der Berg (The Mountain), together with Markus Imhoof, 1990

De Franzos im Ybrig (The Frenchman in Ybrig), Bernhard Lang, 1991, TV



Josef Breitbach Award, 2001

Literature Award from The Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland, 1998

Literature Award from The Konrad Adenauer Foundation, 1997

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Award from the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Foundation, 1993

Marie Louise Fleisser Award 1992

Literature Award From The Inner Cantons of Switzerland, 1992

Berlin Literature Award, 1992

Swiss Schiller Foundation Award, 1990

Prize of The Critics of The German Radio Channel «Südwestfunk», 1990


Nicola Piovani, composer

Born 1946 in Rome. Studied music in Milan. Scholar of the Greek composer Hadjidakis. 1970 he wrote one of his first pieces of film music for Marco Bellocchio (Im Namen des Vaters – In The Name of The Father). He is a composer for the Taviani brothers and for Nanni Moretti and he wrote the music for Fellini’s last three films. Nicola Piovani also does work for theatre plays, the opera and as a conductor.



La stanza del figlio (The Son’s Room), Nanni Moretti, 2001

Nowhere, Luis Sepulveda, 2001

Il dolce far niente (The Sweet Doing Nothing), Naè Caranfil, 1999

Tu ridi (You Are Laughing), Paolo e Vittorio Taviani, 1998

La vita è bella (Life is Beautiful), Robert Benigni, 1997

De Vliegende Hollander (The Flying Dutchman), Jos Stelling,1995

La Teta y la luna (… and the moon), Bigas Luna, 1994

Caro diario (Dear Diary), Nanni Moretti, 1994

Amok, Joel Farges, 1993

Macho, Bigas Luna, 1993

Jamòn Jamòn (Ham, Ham), Bigas Luna, 1992

Una questione privata (A Private Question), Alberto Negrin, 1991

Der Berg (The Mountain), Markus Imhoof, 1990

La voce della luna (The Voice of The Moon), Federico Fellini, 1989

Palombella rossa (The Red Little Dove), Nanni Moretti, 1989

Strana la vita (Strange, Life), Giuseppi Bertolucci, 1988

L’intervista (The Interviewer), Federico Fellini, 1987

Ginger e Fred (Ginger and Fred), Federico Fellini, 1986

Segreti segreti (Secrets, Secrets), Giuseppe Bertolucci, 1985

Il Camorrista (The Mafioso), Giuseppe Tornatore, 1985

Kaos (Chaos), Paolo e Vittorio Taviani, 1984

La Notte di San Lorenzo (The Night of San Lorenzo), Paolo e Vittorio Taviani, 1982

Il Marchese del Grillo, Mario Monicelli, 1981

Salto nel vuoto (Jump Into Emptiness), Marco Bellocchio, 1979

Sbatti il mostro in prima pagina (Hit The Monster on The First Page), Marco Bellocchio, 1973

La Vita in gioco (Life at Play), Gianfranco Mingozzi, 1973

Nel nome del padre (In The Name of The Father), Marco Bellocchio, 1971



Ciak d’Oro for «La stanza del figlio», 2001

David di Donatello for «La stanza del figlio», 2001

Oscar for «La vita è bella», 1999

David di Donatello for «Caro diario», 1994

David di Donatello for «Ginger e Fred», 1986

Ciack d’oro for «Ginger è Fred», 1986



A super film – However: I wanted to turn it off, because I suffered so much (watching) the drama about those three (people) high up there on the weather station. What nature’s forces did not destroy got destroyed by human passions. The deepest abysses of the soul are described very believably, also because of the good actors.

– TV-Hören+Sehen


Director Markus Imhoof covers the beholder in pictures and scenes that make the blood freeze. The ecstasy of the mountains is groping around suggestively, at the very end even taking posession of the ocean. Excellent Susanne Lothals as Lena.

– Frankfurter Neue Presse


The back-and-forth of the two men and the woman as well as a natural Swiss dialect help this movie to its fantastic, original vivacity. This did not at least come about because of the convincing performance of the actors. They added to the good screenplay.

– Südkurier


A very old fashioned, wonderful film.

– Mannheimer Morgen


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