« Zurück



During the last war a randomly assembled group of refugees succeeded in secretly passing the borders of Switzerland. 

They all cannot know that this shelter is deceptive, that refugees «just out of racial reasons» don’t have a right for asylum and that for some time now the borders are locked for foreigners. Half-heartedly taken in by Swiss and half betrayed again, the refugees are even ready to abandon theirselves to save themselves.

They form a grotesque family in order to fulfill the requirements of the police.

The truth suppressed for decades about partial responsibility for the death of over 20,000 people.



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Tina Engel

Curt Bois

Renate Steiger

Mathias Gnädinger

Michael Gempart


Tina Engel, actress

Born 1950 in Hannover. Trained to be an actress at the University for Music and Theater Hannover. Engagements among others: Zurich Playhouse, Theatre at the Newmarket Zurich, Schaubühne Berlin.



Hiob, Christian Görlitz, 2001, TV

Tatort – Kindstod (German criminal TV series «Tatort» – Child’s Death), Claudia Garde, 2001, TV

Vaters Tochter (Father’s Daughter), Lutz Konermann, 2000, TV

WerAngstWolf (WhoFearWolf), Clemens Klopfenstein, 2000

Und keiner weint mir nach (And Nobody Cries after Me), Joseph Vilsmaier, 1996

Mit verbundenen Augen (Blindfolded), Marijan Vajada, 1995

Das Versprechen (The Promise), Margarethe von Trotta, 1994

Der Kinoerzähler (The Cinema Narrator), Bernhard Sinkel, 1993

Das Boot ist voll (The Boat is Full), Markus Imhoof, 1981

Die Blechtrommel (The Brass Drum), Volker Schlöndorff, 1979

Das zweite Erwachen der Christa Klages (The Second Waking of Christa Klages), Margarethe von Trotta, 1978



German film award, film band in gold, for «Das zweite Erwachen der Christa Klages» 1978


Curt Bois (1901-1991), actor

Born 1901 in Berlin. Actor since he was seven years old. Darling in films and on stage in Berlin of the twenties and thirties, especially as a comedian (Pieces of work with Erwin Piscator and Max Reinhardt). As an emigrant in Hollywood played smaller parts in many American movies, among others as a pocket thief in «Casablanca». After his return to Berlin important pieces of work with Brecht and Kortner.



Der Himmel über Berlin (The Skies Over Berlin), Wim Wenders, 1987

Gedächtnis (Memory), Bruno Ganz/Otto Sander, 1982

Das Boot ist voll (The Boat is Full), Markus Imhoof, 1981

Der Zauberberg (The Magic Mountain), Ludwig Cremer, 1968

Ganovenehre (A Scoundrel’s Honour) Wolfgang Staudte, 1966

Das Spukschloss im Spessart (The Haunted Castle in The Spessart), Kurt Hoffmann, 1960

Herr Puntila und sein Knecht Matti (Mr. Puntila and His Farm-Labourer Matti), Alberto Cavalcanti, 1956

Caught, Max Ophüls, 1949

The Great Sinner, Robert Siodmak, 1949

A Kiss in the Dark, Delmer Daves, 1949

Arch of Triumph, Lewis Milestone, 1948

Saratoga Trunk, Sam Wood, 1945

Cover Girl, Charles Vidor, 1944

Princess O’Rourke, Norman Krasna, 1943

Casablanca, Michael Curtiz, 1942

Der Ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew), Fritz Hippler, 1940

The Lady in Question, Charles Vidor, 1940

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, William Dieterle, 1939

Hollywood Hotel, Busby Berkeley, 1938

The Great Waltz, Julien Duvivier, 1938

Tovarich, Anatole Litvak, 1937

Der Schlemihl (The Schlemihl), Max Nosseck, 1931

Wehe wenn sie losgelassen (Alas, When They Are Let Loose!), Carl Froehlich, 1926

Die Austernprinzessin (The Oyster Princess), Ernst Lubitsch, 1919



European Film Award, Best Supporting Actor, für «Der Himmel über Berlin», 1988

German Film Award, Award of Honour, 1971


Renate Steiger, actress

Born in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Engagements among others: Kammerspiele Munich, Free Stage of the People (Volksbühne) Berlin, National Theatre Stuttgart, National Theatre Kassel, Zurich Playhouse.



Lüthi und Blanc (Lüthi and Blanc), Ralph Bridle and others, TV-series

Stille Liebe (Quiet Love), Christoph Schaub, 2001

Vollmond (Full Moon), Fredi M. Murer, 1998

Ein klarer Fall (A Clear Case), Rolf Lyssy, 1994

Hammer, Bruno Moll, 1994

Der Schwarze Tanner (The Black Tanner), Xavier Koller, 1985

Lieber Vater (Dear Father), Heinz Bütler, 1984

Das Boot ist voll (The Boat is Full), Markus Imhoof, 1981

Der 10. Mai (The 10th of May), Franz Schnyder, 1960

Hast noch der Söhne ja (You Still Have the Yes of The Sons), Lukas Amman, 1960


Mathias Gnädinger, actor

Born 1941 in Ramsen, Switzerland. After an apprenticeship as a typesetter and two years working as such, trained to become an actor at the «Bühnenstudio» (Stage studio) in Zurich. Engagements among others: Theatre at the Newmarket Zurich, Stages of «The Free Hansestadt» Bremen, National Theatre Stuttgart, Zurich Playhouse, Schaubühne Berlin.



Spital in Angst (Hospital in Fear), Michael Steiner, 2001, TV

Im Namen der Gerechtigkeit (In the Name of Justice), Stefan Jäger, 2001, TV

Lieber Brad (Dear Brad), Lutz Konermann, 2000, TV

Komiker (The Comic), Markus Imboden, 1999

WerAngstWolf (WhoFearWolf), Clemens Klopfenstein, 2000

Freischütz (Free Shot), Ildiko Enyedi, 1994

Joe & Marie, Tania Stöcklin, 1994

Tschäss (Jazz), Daniel Helfer, 1994

Der grüne Heinrich (The Green Henry), Thomas Koerfer, 1994

Justiz (Justice), Hans W. Geissendörfer, 1993

Kinder der Landstrasse (Children of the Land Road), Urs Egger, 1992

Reise der Hoffnung (Journey of Hope), Xavier Koller, 1990

Der Berg (The Mountain), Markus Imhoof, 1990

Bingo, Markus Imboden, 1989

Leo Sonnyboy, Rolf Lyssy, 1988

Gekauftes Glück (Bought Luck), Urs Odermatt, 1988

Du mich auch (You Me Too), Dany Levy, 1985

Der Gemeindepräsident (The Town President), Bernhard Giger, 1983

Das Boot ist voll (The Boat is Full), Markus Imhoof, 1981

Der Chinese (The Chinese), Kurt Gloor, 1978, TV

Der Galgensteiger (The Climber of the Gallows), Xavier Koller, 1978

Grauzone (Grey Zone), Fredi M. Murer, 1977



Prix Walo for actors, 1996

Hans Reinhart-Ring, 1996

International Comedy Festival, Vevey, Switzerland, Interpretation Award, 1990

Zurich Film Award, 1985



George Reinhart

Hans Liechti


George Reinhart (1942-1997), producer

Born 1942 in New York City. Highschool in Winterthur, Switzerland; since then a close friend of Markus Imhoof’s. Studied law and economy in Zurich. School of Photography in New York City. On assignment for his family’s business «Gebrüder Volkart» took trips to Mexico and Brazil. In 1976 came back to Switzerland and founded the «Limbo Film AG» together with Markus Imhoof. Later he founded the «Xanadu Film», «Metropolis Film» (production and global distribution), «Pierre Grise Production», Paris and took over Rialto film renter’s society in Zurich. Founder and promoter of the Photo museum in Winterthur. He died 1997 in Zurich.



Jeanne la Pucelle (Jeanne, The ), Jacques Rivette, 1993

La chasse aux Papillons (The Hunt for Butterflies), Otar Iosseliani, 1992

La demoiselle sauvage (The Wild Mrs.), Léa Pool, 1991

La Belle Noiseuse (The beautiful …), Jacques Rivette, 1991

Nuit & Jour (Night and Day), Chantal Akerman, 1991

Toto le héros (Toto The Hero), Jaco van Dormael, 1991

Adolf Dietrich, Friedrich Kappeler, 1990

Busters Bedroom, Rebecca Horn, 1990

Histoires d’Amerique (Stories of The USA), Chantal Akerman, 1988

A Corps Perdu (With a Lost Body), Lea Pool, 1988

La Bande des Quatre (The Band of The Four), Jacques Rivette, 1988

Der Passagier (The Passenger) – Welcome to Germany, Thomas Brasch, 1988

Le Moine et la sorcière (The Monk and The Witch), Suzanne Schiffman, 1987

Last Song, Dennis Berry, 1987

Soigne ta droite (Watch/Take Care of Your Right), Jean Luc Godard, 1987

Die Reise (The Journey), Markus Imhoof, 1986

Mauvais Sang (Bad Blood), Leos Carax, 1986

Candy Mountain, Robert Frank, 1986

Golden 80ies, Chantal Akerman, 1985

Transatlantique (Transatlantic), Ulrich Schlumpf, 1982

Das Boot ist voll (The Boat is Full), Markus Imhoof, 1981

Räume sind Hüllen (Rooms are Wrappers), Lukas Strebel, 1981


Hans Liechti, cinematographer

Born 1946 in Zurich. Trained to become a Photographer. Trained as a camera man at the Swiss TV «DRS». Since 1970 free-lance movie director. Lives in Munich and Zurich.



Ennemis de la mafia (Enemies of The Mafia), Claude Goretta, 1988

Erdsegen (Blessing of The Earth), Karin Brandauer, 1986 TV

Die Reise (The Journey), Markus Imhoof, 1986

La Mort de Mario Ricci (Mario Ricci’s Death), Claude Goretta, 1983

Passions, Jean-Luc Godard, 1982

Das Boot ist voll (The Boat is Full), Markus Imhoof, 1981

Un homme en fruite (A Man in Fruit), Simone Edelstein, 1980

Das gefrorene Herz (The Frozen Heart), Xavier Koller, 1979

Grauzone (Grey Zone), Fredi M. Murer, 1978

Das Unglück (The Misfortune), George Radanovicz, 1977

Fluchtgefahr (Escape Risk), Markus Imhoof, 1974



Eine Liebe auf Mallorca (Love on Mallorca), 2001, TV

Patricias Geheimnis (Patricia’s Secret), 1995, TV

Dünki-Schott (Don Quichote), Kamera und Co-director with Tobias Wyss, 1988

Akropolis Now, book and director,1985



Film Award of the City of Zurich for camera in «Hannibal»

Two quality awards of the Swiss department for Inner Affairs

Special award for exceptional camera at the «Alpinale» in Bludenz, for «Dünki-Schott»

Max-Ophüls Festival Saarbrücken, Germany: Award of the Audience for «Dünki-Schott»

Max-Ophüls Festival Saarbrücken, Uni-Film award for «Akropolis Now»

International Comedy Festival in Vevey, Switzerland: Special Award for «Dünki-Schott»


Festivals & Awards for “The Boat is full”

Film Festival Berlin, Silver Bear for Best Script and Best Guidance of The Actors,1981

Award of the Federation of The International Cinematographic Press, FIPRESCI, 1981

Award of the International Committee for The Diffusion of The Arts and of Literature by Means of The Cinema, CIDALC, 1981

Award of The International Catholic Cinematographic Office, OCIC, 1981

Otto Dibelus Award: Award of The International Protestant Film Jury, INTERFILM, 1981

Quality Premium of The Swiss Department of Inner Affairs, 1981

Film Award of the City of Zurich, 1981

Award of the foundation ALIZA in remembrance of the victims of the assault of October 3, 1980, Copernic street, Paris, 1981

Award of The 10th Festival of Human Rights in Strasbourg, 1981

Festival of Historic Films: Golden Eagle, 1981

Award of The Evangelical Jury, Berlin, 1981

National Council of The Cinematographic Critique: David Wark Griffith Award, New York, 1981

Prix René Clair, David di Donatello, 1982

Oscar Nomination – Best Foreign Film, 1982


Press and Download

The project lacks the historic distance and appreciation. It seems dramaturgically obsolete and reminds in a negative sense of popular theatre. A contribution is unanimously refused.

– Bundesrat Hans Hürlimann, letter of 9. January 1980


Never have fears about the infiltration of foreigners been made the subject of a feature film in such an exciting and differentiated way.

– Weltwoche, 14. January 1981


Sensual, touching pictures «going underneath the skin»; figures taken from Swiss every-day life; feelings that are understandable right away; a language sounding familiar. Imhoof succeeds in (creating) atmosphere, credibility, excitment, moments of oppression, pain and sadness.

– NZZ, 16. January 1981


«The Boat is Full» surely is one of Markus Imhoof’s weaker films.

– Tages Anzeiger, 19. January 1981


The international press was mostly filled with enthusiasm about the film:

«The Boat is Full» is something more than a discovery, something in the neighborhood of a revelation.

– Janet Maslin, The New York Times, 25. April 1981


The true winner of the festival was the Swiss Markus Imhoof.

– Morando Morandini, Il Giorno, 25. February 1981


«The Boat is Full» is filmed with a freshness of observations about behaviours that reminds of the «Diary» of Anne Frank.

– Tullio Kezich, La Repubblica 24. February 1981


«The Boat is Full» is a total success.

– Robert Chazal, France-Soir, 25. February 1981


Imhoof has a lot of talent and power to express the intolerable.

– Jacques Siclier, Le monde, 25. February 1981


There is a powerful, chilling reality in the screenplay and superlative acting.

– International Herald Tribune, 16. March 1981


«The Boat is Full» has arrived to shock civilzed world into reality.

– Rex Reed, Daily News, 21. October 1981


Imhoof shows indications of a masterful director.

– The Washington Post, 20. November 1981


The film is not of the favourites of the Swiss establishment, of course.

– Variety, 25. October 1981


«The Boat is Full» has an impact that makes it a film for all seasons and all countries faced with strangers who desperately need a new home.

– Judy Stone, San Francisco Chronicle, 21. October 1981


There would have been room for the 10,000 who were deported, and even thousands more. I was born in 1941. When the government said, «There’s no more room», why was there room for me? My birth proves they lied.

– Markus Imhoof in der Sunday New York Times, 18. October 1981


Swiss movie brings hard New Yorkers to tears.

– Blick-headlines on 2. November 1981


Imhoof throws an act of accusation against the egoism of the «bourgeois republic» which goes far beyond the historic case and tells us about today’s Switzerland.

– Irene Bignardi, Espresso, 9. May 1982


In those terrible years the grade of christianization of Europe was put to the test. In many cases, however, the test failled. «The Boat is Full» tells an episode of this faillure, precisely in a neutral country like Switzerland that has in its history most antique traditions of Christian influences.

– Alberto Moravia, Espresso, 23. May 1982


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