News from 15. March 2015

Zürcher Kunstpreis 2015

"The city council of Zurich honors Imhoofs outstanding oeuvre and his work as one of the most important and influential filmmakers of Switzerland with the Zürich Art Prize.“

The award ceremony will take place on October 24.

"More than Honey" Trailer

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"This is the CITIZEN KANE of bee documentaries.”
– Ain’t It Cool News

“Richly documented and lavishly photographed…Imhoof obtains stunning images of (bees) at work.”
– Screen Daily

“effective melding of science and aesthetic delights.”
– Indiewire

"You feel, like going into a magical, Narnia like world"
– WKCR Radio New York

"MARVELOUS! A delightful, informative and suitably contemplative study of the bee world..."
Stephanie Zacharek, VILLAGE VOICE

"Oh my God - I love this film. Finally somebody got it right!"
Michael Moore

Interview with the director Markus Imhoof

Text by Thom Powers, programmer at TIFF

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Awards "More than Honey"
Swiss Film Award Quartz Best Documentary Film 2013
Swiss Film Award Quartz Best Film Score 2013
Swiss, Zürcher Film Award Best Documentary Film 2012
Swiss, Succès Zürich - Best Documentary Film Cadrage 2013
Swiss, Prix Walo Best Film Production 2013
Swiss, Audience Award Solothurn Film Festival 2013
Swiss, Audience Award Delémont-Hollywood 2013
Swiss, Swiss Award Kultur 2014
Swiss, Mister Earth Schweiz 2014
Switzerland's official foreign language entry for the 86th Academy Awards

German Film Award Lola for Best Documentary Film 2013
Germany, Bavarian Film Award for Best Documentary Film 2013
Germany, Gilde-Filmpreis Best Documentary Film Filmkunstmesse Leipzig 2013
Germany, German Natur Film Award Darßer NaturfilmFestival 2013
Germany, Audience Award Darßer NaturfilmFestival 2013
German Film Award Lola Best Editing 2013 (Nomination)
Germany, Bild-Kunst Schnitt Preis Documentary Film 2013 (Nomination)
Germany, Zukunftsfilmpreis Festival des Umwelt- und Naturfilms Brandenburg, 2014

Austria ROMY Award for Best Director Documentary Film 2013
Austria ROMY Award for Best Documentary Film 2013
Austrian Film Award for Best Sound Design 2013

USA, Best Documentary Film Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2013
USA, Best Feature Award Green Film Festival San Francisco 2013
USA, Eco-Conscious Media Award Best of Raw Awards 2014

France, Prix Buffon Festival Pariscience - Festival international du Film Scientifique 2013
France, Meilleur documentair Festival International du Film Ecologique de Bourges 2013

Italy, Premio Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso Gran Paradiso Film Festival 2013
Italy, Special Price „Expo 2015 - Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life“ Prix Italia 2013 (Nomination)

Great Britain, Audience Award UK Green Film Festival 2013

Romania, Audience Award Pelicam International Film Festival 2013

Ukraine, Golden Medal World Beekeeping Awards, Apimondia - International Apicultural Congress 2013

Czech Republic, Winner International Competition International Festival of Science Documentary Films Academia Film Olomouc 2014

Brazil, Special Mention Filmambiente International Environmental Film Festival 2013

Worldwide Distribution "More than Honey"

Swiss: Frenetic Films

Germany: Senator Film Verleih GmbH

Austria: Filmladen Filmverleih

France: Jour2Fête

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg: Imagine Film Distribution

Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia: Demiurg

Brazil: Imovision

Finland: Cinema Mondo

Great Britain: Eureka Entertainment Ltd

Hungary: Mozinet

Italy: Officine Ubu

Japan: SIGLO

Poland: Against Gravity

Portugal: Alambique

Sweden: Folkets Bio

Taiwan: Joint Entertainment

Turkey: Bir Film

USA: Kino Lorber

Australia and Neu Zealand: Antidote Films
Bulgaria: Art Fest
Columbia: CINEPLEX
Estonia: Mtü Must Käsi/NPO Black Hand
Hong Kong: Edko Films
Iran: Irib Media Trade
Singapor Airlines: IMP INTERNATIONAL
Pirámide Films

The Book

Markus Imhoof and Claus-Peter Lieckfeld
Frankfurter Buchmesse 2012, orange-press
3rd edition

Soundtrack by Peter Scherer

CD by Milan Music, Los Angeles and Paris
Distribution: Warner Music International
France: Universal Music

Listen to the music on musicload

Festivals "More than Honey"

Festival International de Cine de Gijón - Spain, 15.11.2013 – 23.11.2013
Rehoboth Beach Film Festival - Rehoboth Beach, Germany, 06.11.2013 – 10.11.2013
Contemporary Science Film Festival - Moscow, RU, 10.10.2013 – 17.10.2013
Environmental Film Festival Melbourne - Australia, 05.09.2013 – 13.09.2013
Seattle International Film Festival - Seattle, WA, 12.06.2013 – 20.06.2013
Maui Film Festival - Maui, HI, 12.06.2013 – 16.06.2013
Southside Film Festival - Bethlehem., PA, 11.06.2013 – 15.06.2013
San Francisco Green Film Festival - San Francisco, CA, 30.05.2013 – 05.06.2013
Torino, CinemAmbiente – Environmental Film Festival, IT, 16.05.2013 – 05.06.2013
Warsaw, 10th Planete + Doc Film Festival Warsaw, Competition, 10.05.2013 – 19.05.2013
Leuven, 9th Docville International Documentary Film Festival Leuven, 03.05.2013 – 11.05.2013
USA Film Festival - Dallas, TX , 24.04.2013 – 28.04.2013
Sarasota Film Festival - Sarasota FL, 05.04.2013 – 14.04.2013
Louisiana Int'l FF - Baton Rouge, LA, 18.04.2013 – 21.04.2013
Buenos Aires, 15° Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente, 10.04.2013 – 21.04.2013
Environmental Film Festival at Yale U. - New Haven, CT, 08.04.2013 – 14.04.2013
Montclair FF - Montclair, NJ, 05.04.2013 – 14.04.2013
Cleveland, 37th Cleveland International Film Festival, 03.04.2013 – 14.04.2013
Cleveland International Film Festival - Cleveland, OH, 19.03.2013 – 30.03.2013
Hong Kong, 37th Hong Kong International Film Festival, 17.03.2013 – 02.04.2013
Thessaloniki, 15th Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, 15.03.2013 – 24.03.2013
Vilnius, 18th Vilnius International Film Festival, 14.03.2013 – 28.03.2013
Oslo, 12th Eurodok Oslo European Documentary Film Festival, 13.03.2013 – 17.03.2013
Washington D.C., 21st Environment Film Festival Washington D.C., 12.03.2013 – 24.03.2013
Sofia, 17th Sofia International Film Festival, 07.03.2013 – 17.03.2013
Guadalajara, Jalisco, 28° Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara, 01.03.2013 – 09.03.2013
Paris, 30e Festival International du Film d'Environnement, 19.02.2013 – 26.02.2013
Berlin, Berlinale German Cinema, 07.02.2013 – 17.02.2013
Portland OR, 36th Portland International Film Festival, 07.02.2013 – 23.02.2013
Göteborg, 36th Göteborg International Film Festival, 25.01.2013 – 04.02.2013
Helsinki, 12th DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, 24.01.2013 – 27.01.2013
Santa Barbara, 28th Santa Barbara International Film Festival, 24.01.2013 – 03.02.2013
Solothurn, 48. Solothurner Filmtage, 24.01.2013 – 31.01.2013
Palm Springs, 24th Palm Springs International Film Festival, 03.01.2013 – 14.01.2013
Kerala, 17th International Film Festival of Kerala, 07.12.2012 – 14.12.2012
Goa, 43rd International Film Festial of India Goa, 20.11.2012 – 30.11.2012
Doha, 4th Doha Tribeca Film Festival, 17.11.2012 – 24.11.2012
Amsterdam, 25th IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, 14.11.2012 – 25.11.2012
Kassel, 29. Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest, 13.11.2012 – 18.11.2012
Tallinn, 16th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, 13.11.2012 – 28.11.2012
Copenhagen, 10th CPH:DOX International Documentary Film Festival Copenhagen, 01.11.2012 – 11.11.2012
Vancouver, 31st Vancouver International Film Festival, 27.09.2012 – 12.10.2012
Toronto, 37th TIFF Toronto International Film Festival, 06.09.2012 – 16.09.2012
Freistadt, Freistadt Festival # 25 Der neue Heimatfilm, 22.08.2012 – 26.08.2012
Locarno, 65° Festival del film Locarno, 01.08.2012 – 11.08.2012

News July 17th, 2012

"More than Honey" will have its world premiere at the International Film Festival Locarno, Switzerland. The film will conclude the festival on the evening of the 11th of August, where it will be shown on the huge screen at Piazza Grande, where 8000 people can be seated.

04.10.2012 Premiere in Vienna, Austria
12.10.2012 Launch in Austrian movie theatres by distributor filmladen Filmverleih GmbH
25.10.2012 Launch in Swiss movie theatres by distributor Frenetic Films Zürich
21.10.2012 Pre-Premiere in Germany at "Klimaherbst München" (Arri Kino)
08.11.2012 Launch in German movie theatres by distributor Senator Entertainment AG, celebrating premieres in Berlin and Munich
January 2013 launch in France by distributor "jour2fete"

News, August 25, 2011

Celebrating the 70th birthday of Markus Imhoof the film "The Mountain" will be broadcasted on Swiss television.

On September 18th the film "The Journey" will be screened by the Filmpodium Zürich. Markus Imhoof will be attending and answering questions after the screening.

The book "Schweizer Filmregisseure in Nahaufnahme - von Höhenfeuer bis Herbstzeitlosen" ('Swiss filmmakers in close-up - from Höhenfeuer to Herbstzeitlosen') by Andrea Seiler and Peter Würmli will be presented at the Locarno Filmfestival on August 5th, 4pm, Bar la Barca (Via Borghese 14, Locarno, Apéro des BAK, Tickets,, Telefon +41 (0)44 381 77 30, Fax +41 (0)44 381 77 54.)

August 2011: Final takes for "More than Honey" (in Vienna and Berner Oberland).

News, August 25, 2011

August 31st "The Journey" will be broadcasted on 3sat.

News, April 04, 2011

Shooting of the film "More than Honey" in Makrostudio Wien. The beekeeper Peter Hopfgartner is taking care of 15 colonies of bees

News, April 04, 2010

April 2010 to Mai 2011
Shooting of the film "More than Honey" in Europe, USA, Australien and China. Director of photography: Jörg Jeshel, Sound: Dieter Meyer, Co-writer and assistant: Kerstin Hoppenhaus, Production: Thelma Film AG Zürich; Ormenis Film AG Zürich; Zero one Film GmbH Berlin; Allegro film GmbH Wien.

News, January 01, 2010

"Beautiful Tania" ("Tabu") Screenplay by Markus Imhoof based on one year research about women trafficking in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine and Moldawia, Co-writer Holger Franke ("Alles auf Zucker"). The Film Board rejects the application argumenting: "The balancing act between Tragedy and Comedy seems fragile." - Indeed, this was our concern.

"Promise the Moon" Screenplay on an impostor's story by Markus Imhoof. The fiction is overtaken by the impressions of the financial<< crisis. (There is no connection between the screenplay and another film with the same original title.)

News, August 01, 2009

The film «The Boat is Full» will be screened on Swiss television:
August 13th, 2009, 20.00 and 22.35 on SFHD
August 16th, 2009, 13.05 on SF
August 20th, 2009, 10.00 and 14.50 on SFHD

News, July 05, 2009

The film «The Boat is Full» will be screened on Israelian television in mid-July 2009.

News, January 19, 2009

The film «The Mountain» will be screened on February 1st, 2009 on Swiss television.

News, July 09, 2008

The film «The Journey» will be screened on September 14th, 2008 on 3SAT.

The Academy of Arts Berlin screens «The Journey» as part of the exhbition „Kunst und Revolte“ (Art and Revolt). From April 17th until July 27th, 2008, daily 15.40, Pariser Platz, Room 1.

News, April 05, 2008

In May 2008 Markus Imhoof writes in a Swiss television weblog twice a week on issues concerning 1968. (

«The Journey» will be screened on Swiss television on May 14th, 2008 and May 28th, 2008 on TSI .

News, March 01, 2008

«The Boat is Full», «The Journey», «The Mountain» and «Fire in Paradise» are now available seperately. Each DVD encloses several different language versions and subtitles, interviews and additional bonus material. (shop)

  A US edition of the digitally remastered version of «The Boat Is Full» is now available on DVD. In addition to the original language version with English subtitles there are several bonus features enclosed. For more information see the shop.

The Markus Imhoof Collection: «The Boat is Full», «The Journey», «The Mountain» and «Fire in Paradise». 4 DVDs with several different language versions, an interview with Markus Imhoof and additional bonus material. For more information see the shop.

News, May 20, 2004

«The Boat is Full» comes back to Swiss cinemas

«Imhoof blew away the myths... his film is as much as good as necessary.»
– Friedrich Dürrenmatt

After the successful reedition at this year's Berlin International Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival, New York, the digitally restored version of «The Boat is Full» will go on release in Swiss cinemas as well.

The Swiss opening night will be on June 2nd, 2004, at 9 o'clock p.m. in the RiffRaff Cinema, Zurich, in the presence of Markus Imhoof, Mathias Gnädinger, and Renate Steiger.

On June 3rd there will be the Winterthur opening night in the Loge Cinema.

Further screenings will take place in Basel, Schaffhausen, St Gallen, Bern, etc., and Western Switzerland. (For distribution details see contact)

News, Feb 09, 2004

The restored version of Markus Imhoof’s film «The Boat is Full» will be shown on the Berlin Film Festival again, where it was awarded a Silver Bear in 1981.

      9. February, 9:30 p.m. in the «Filmpalast» on Kurfürstendamm 225

The original negative of the film was found heavily damaged in a chapel in Rome. With help of the Swiss association Memoriav and other generous sponsors the damages were repaired and the film was touched up and digitally restored by the company Swiss Effects. This process took three years to accomplish. The launching of the again seaworthy boat will be a «Berlinale Special».

Presentations in Switzerland are in preparation for spring 2004.